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Simple And Practical Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement projects need not be complex or expensive. With a little ingenuity you can utilize space better and update the look of any room in the house. Here are some effective ideas for improving your home in a stylish and functional way.

One great way to utilize wasted space is to install a shelf above the door of each bathroom in the house. This typically unused space is perfect for storing extra towels or a basket or two filled with facecloths or toiletry items. Decorative trim or paint can make the shelf an attractive style statement, as well.

If you have rickety sliding closet doors that are hard to move, consider replacing them with more modern folding doors. This upgrade not only looks great but improves the accessibility of your storage space. After all, if you can’t get to the closet easily, then what use is it? Inexpensive folding doors can be purchased at any home supply store.

Would you like to make a statement with new art for your wall space but find that your budget is too low for traditional artwork? Here is one solution. Foam insulation boards are available at great prices so pick up a few in sizes that work for the space you want to improve. Then purchase enough wall paper or fabric to cover them. Use spray adhesive to adhere the covers to the foam boards and trim the edges with a craft blade for a neat finish. The magic is in the print you choose, so spend some time deciding the effect you would like to create. Then put together some amazing statement pieces that will make your walls pop!

Here is a makeover tip for frustrating wire shelving that you may have in the kitchen or utility room. Wire shelving is impractical because small or thin items slip through the wires and can be lost. So, buy some adhesive flooring and cut them to fit your shelves. They stick on quickly and easily and create a solid shelf that is much more practical to use. It looks a lot better, too!

Is your entryway a catch all area full of shoes, coats and general disorder? Add function to the area by hanging some ample sized hooks on the wall for the coats. Put a small bench under the hooks, preferably one with an under seat storage bin. Finish the makeover with a mirror on the opposite wall or in a convenient spot for your layout. This way your entry area will serve as a tidy stopping off point with all your items in sight and available to grab for the next trip outside.

These are but a few of the practical and easy ways to make your home more usable and beautiful. Look around at your rooms and decide what you want from each one. Then make a plan to rework each area to suit your needs. Try some of the ideas found here but don’t be afraid to come up with your own solutions. It’s your home so, go ahead and make some simple but practical changes to enjoy for years to come.

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