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The Advantages of Tool and Equipment Rental


The next time you have a project to do or you decide to finish something you started but left aside, you have two options. You can go out and buy all of the tools that you need, or you can see if you can find a good source for tool and equipment rental. You may think that these things will never be something that you will have a need of in your life, but you are probably very wrong about that. There are a variety of small and large projects you may do that make renting rather than buying what you need the better option.

Do you love to have a garden every year or are you thinking about doing one for the first time? If so, you may want to look into tool and equipment rental to get started. There are some things you are going to use throughout the growing season like shovels, hoes, hoses, and watering cans or even that great cordless drill that you have been eyein up in the store –  and those are things what you want to buy. However, did you know that some places will allow you to rent a rototiller? These are used to do the initial dig to clear the spot for your garden and to move dirt around at the beginning of any garden to loosen the soil. Renting each year is cheaper than buying.

Bamboo Wall Treatments – Ideas and Tips


As a beautiful, sustainable wood, bamboo is gaining popularity as a wall treatment. It's an extremely fast-growing plant, replacing itself rapidly. It's also durable, attractive, and versatile. It's best to keep this option for indoor walls only, though, experts advise. Bamboo can rapidly become invasive if planted outdoors.

There are various ways you can use bamboo to decorate your walls. It's quite versatile, suiting the taste of those who like dark woods to lovers of blond wood finishes. In fact, bamboo can be lovely even with minimal finishing. Here are some ideas and tips on bamboo wall treatments.

Options for Eco-Friendly Wall Treatments


When it comes to wall treatments, many people have concerns about the toxicity of various materials. From paint to vinyl, the materials used to cover walls can come with warnings about toxicity.

Thankfully, there are options for eco-friendly wall treatments. Some you can do yourself, while other products are on the market that are considered eco-friendly. Here are some ideas and tips for eco-friendly wall treatments.

Bathroom Flooring Options


If you want to change things up at home, a new bathroom can be just what the doctor ordered. Though it is a small room (or rooms) in your home, it is a place where everyone goes quite a few times a day. You want to have an inviting and function bathroom that pleases the senses as long as possible. Do not forget to give some thought to your bathroom flooring options when you are doing a remodel. Some things work better than others and some are just plain bad ideas.